Real estate for foreigners in Oman

Real estate for foreigners in Oman

Can foreigners buy real estate in the Sultanate of Oman? The answer is yes it is quite possible for a foreigner, whether Indian, European or Arab to invest in Oman and buy an apartment in the country.

Indians can buy real estate without any problem in Oman, whether it is an apartment or an office for a company.

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Benefits of buying property in Oman

There are several benefits of buying property in Oman. According to, here are some of them:

Low Property Prices: Property prices in Oman are low compared to neighboring countries.
Easy Accessibility: Oman is located in the Middle East, which means that it is easily accessible via air travel.
High Standards of Living: Living standards in Oman are higher than in neighboring countries.
Tax Benefits: Owning property in Oman comes with tax benefits.


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