Building for sale in Muscat Oman

Building for sale Oman Muscat

Building for sale Oman Muscat

Size 1500 sqm

Number of floor 5

Price: contact us

Building for sale in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman: consisting of 8 apartments, three floors, qurum district, total area: 700 sqm.

Building for sale Muscat Khuwair, 12 flats, size: 1100 sqm.

Why buy a building in Muscat?

Affordable real estate prices. Oman’s property prices are low and reasonable compared to nearby countries. You can choose from various properties, such as flats or houses, in different places and with different facilities1.

Advantages for residency and lifestyle. Buying a property in Oman can give you a residency permit, which lets you live and work in the country without a sponsor. You can also experience the peaceful and diverse culture of Oman, as well as its natural beauty and historical attractions2.

Economic growth and diversification. Oman is diversifying its economy, with a focus on sectors such as tourism, mining, logistics, renewable energy and industry. These sectors offer potential opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs, as well as creating demand for housing and infrastructure23.

Incentives and legal reforms. The government of Oman is implementing legal reforms and incentives to attract foreign investment and facilitate business activities. For example, a new foreign capital investment law allows 100% foreign ownership of firms in Oman and removes the minimum capital requirement. A new public private partnership law is also expected to encourage private sector participation in projects23.

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